Instantly Convert Your Text Into 100% Human-Sounding Professional Voices

60+ Languages, More Than 400 Voices like the example below

Create Broadcast-Quality Voices on VoiceRenders

Say NO to Expensive Voice Overs

Our A.I voices are 100% human-sounding  production-ready ones at fraction of a cost of professional voice artists. VoiceRenders is not a language translation platform. It only converts language text scripts to voices.

Cut Cost

Professional human voice-overs can be very expensive. VoiceRenders offers 100% human-sounding voices in many languages and many different voices.

Save Time

With VoiceRenders, you can generate voices from your text instantly. Professional human voice-overs can take days to get the final voice outputs.

Get Professional Voices

Using  same technology as Amazon AWS and Google Cloud, VoiceRenders generates 100% human-sounding voices. 

Marketing Video

Silent videos don't engage customers. Use VoiceRenders natural human sounding voices for your marketing videos.

Audio Book

Adding voice to your content, you can provide your audience with an alternative way to consume information and meet the needs of a larger pool of readers.

Training Video

Add VoiceRenders voices to your Training videos. Make them more interactive at highly affordable cost.

Customer Support Centres

Engage customers with natural sounding voices by using VoiceRenders voices in 47 languages and more than 200 voice samples.

Use Cases

Why VoiceRenders?

Written and/or visual communication can be enhanced by using audio. By adding voice to your content, you can provide your audience with an alternative way to consume information. VoiceRenders can generate speech in more than 47 of languages, making it easy to add speech to applications with a global audience, such as video, websites, or any other written presentations. You don’t have to download any software. It is a cloud platform.

How It Works

Incredibly Easy to Use

Step 1

Paste the text you want to be convert into our online text editor. 

Step 2

Select a language and a voice from our 47 languages and many voices.

Step 3

Generate and download instantly.  Your generated voice will be there in your dashboard for download anytime later.

Sign-Up for a FREE account for 3 days. Then buy a plan inside your dashboard under "My Finance" tab.


For 3 days
USD 0 3 days
  • Free for 3 days
  • 5,000 characters
  • Both Standard & A.I voices
  • Download in mp3 format


Renew Every Month
USD 11
  • Renew Every Month
  • 30,000 Characters
  • Both Standard and A.I voice
  • Download in mp3 format


Renew Every Year
USD 54
  • Renew Every Year
  • 400,000 Characters
  • Both Standard & A.I voices
  • Download in mp3 format

Languages We support

(NOTE: VoiceRenders doesn’t translate languages. It only converts language scripts to voices)

“Text to Speech technology has evolved over the last few decades and has been enabled by various underlying technologies including deep learning tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Be it a product (or service) user or an online learner, Text to speech technology can service any individual in the way they interact with content.”

– Ashim Dutta

( CEO & Founder, VoiceRenders )​

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started?

Sign Up and you will be automatically assigned a FREE plan for 3 days. You can purchase any of our plans inside your dashboard, under “My Finance” tab on the left.

Will my subscription auto-renew?
No. You need to re-purchase your subscription manually.
Do I have to download any software?
No. VoiceRenders is a cloud based platform.
Will my voice files available for download anytime later?

Yes. Your converted voices will  remain stored in our server as MP3 files. You can login to your account anytime and download them.

Who owns the copyright for text-to-speech audio?

You own the full copyright of any voice speech created with VoiceRender, forever.

Can I Use VoiceRenders’s text to speech voices for my YouTube videos?


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